Driving Without A Licence

No Licence Offences

It would be reasonable to expect driving without a valid licence to be serious driving offences, but as with all things legal this isn’t always the case!

Disqualified Versus Never Passing a Driving Test

In law there is a huge difference between driving if you have been disqualified by a court and if you have never passed a test for the vehicle you are driving.

If you defy a court that has disqualified you from driving then you face the very real prospect of imprisonment. This is because you are defying a court instruction and they take a very dim view of this.

If however, you are caught driving a vehicle for which you don’t have an entitlement, for instance, driving a manual vehicle when you have only passed a test for an automatic vehicle then you will face 3 penalty points.

There are additionally some circumstances where there are no penalty points attached and the offence is non-endorsable, these include circumstances where you may have been revoked or had your entitlement suspended but were unaware for whatever reason.

Driving having never passed the specific test for the vehicle and circumstances is a lesser offence and attracts 3 points for the majority of offences.

Repeat offences are considered serious by courts and should be avoided.